Tensioning Systems

System PRO

Instructions for the dimensioning of tensioning lines and visible area
Tips for the construction of tensioning frames
Round shapes withe frame bleed
Screw construction frame ecoled
Edge illumination - ecoled
Retrofitting of an existing lightbox with tensioning system
Frame bleed with Side profile
Frame classic


Montageanleitung für PRO LITE Classic
Montageanleitung für PRO LITE Keder
Montageanleitung für Module PLM600

System PRO Textil

Edge illumination Pro Textil 100
Assembly instructions PRO Textil

Illuminated Advertising

Lightbox Profile Klick

Assembly instructions
Manual for opening the profile


Backlit Fabrics

Data sheet Euroflex CE
Data sheet Euroflex CE LED
Data sheet Eurojet 500 g

Frontlit Fabrics

Data sheet EJTFL-045
Data sheet EJWFL-044
Data sheet EJWFL-144


Available colors 8 mm and 16 mm
Available colors 3 mm

LED Technology

LED Modules

Data sheet 1SL3Woptic-B
Calculation tool for the number of LED modules needed
Wiring of LED modules

Power Adapters

Data sheet LPC-35-1050
Data sheet LPC-60-1050
Data sheet LPF-25D-24
Data sheet LPF-40D-36
Data sheet LPF-60-54
Data sheet HLG-240


Totems PRO 2000

Rondo with lightbox profile Klick
Rondo with tensioning frame Classic

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