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Tensioning Systems

Depending on the field of use, three different systems are available for the construction of advertising frames.

The vinyl fabric tensioning system System PRO includes three different frames and is designed for large format media (frontlit or backlit) lightboxes without a combined forepart.

The PRO LITE tensioning system has been developed especially for applications where a multiple change of printed faces is provided.
With the patented technique a tensioning of vinyl fabric is possible in the shortest possible time and without prior preparation of the material.

ProTextil is a frameless tensioning system for textile prints with silicone strip sewed on the edges, allowing extremely easy graphic removal and tensioning.
The frame profiles are available in anodised version in the lengths of 3 and 6 m. The various depths of construction allow a wide range of applications.

Spanntuchsystem PRO

System PRO

Spanntuchsystem PRO Lite

System PRO Lite


System ProTextil

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