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PRO 2000 Totems

The totem profile system PRO 2000 allows the production of pylons up to a height of 6 m, as well as stand-ups, display units and showcases.
By combining different profiles, diverse final products can be constructed. The stability of the pylons is achieved by standard steel profiles, which are enclosed by the profiles.


Pylon aus Universal-Profil
City-Lights aus Universal-Profil
Schaukasten aus Pylonprofilen und Schaukasten-System ProCase
doppelseitiger, beleuchteter Pylon aus Ellipsprofil
doppelseitiger, beleuchteter Pylon
beidseitiger, beleuchteter Pylon
einseitiger Pylon
Rondo 135
Pylon aus Rondo 180 mm
Tankstelle mit Pylonprofil


Pylonprofil Rondo

Rondo is a half-round cover profile with a diameter of 135 or 180 mm.
Both cover profiles are held by the Base Profile which is attached to a supporting structure made of steel or aluminum.
This design principle allows the production of round posts - by connecting two base profiles and cover of the top with the cover profiles - as well as the masked fixing of lightboxes, showcases, tensioning frames and similar in pylons.


Pylonprofil Ovalex

The Ellips profile "Ovalex" is a half profile and is used for the production of elliptically shaped pylons or arched wall panels.
The necessary stability of pylons is achieved by standard aluminum or steel profiles, which are enclosed by two half profiles each.
The profiles can be placed in contact, as a result of which tapering elliptical pylons become possible; or they can be placed at a distance, which allows to put in a lateral illumination.
Therefore the resulting gap can be covered with a colored acrylic strip.

Item numbers

Profile Rondo 135 mm
(Is clipped on Base Profile; profile length 6 m)

RR 23135

Abdeckung Rondo 135

Profile Rondo 180 mm
(Is clipped on Base Profile; profile length 6 m)

RR 23180

Abdeckung Rondo 180

Base Profile
(Two sections are fastened to a rectangular post and thus hold the cover profiles Rondo; profile length 6 m)

PRN 1581

Grundrofil uni

Cover 135 mm

PP 02135

Abschlusskappe 135

Cover 180 mm

PP 02180

Abschlusskappe 180

Eliptic Profile; for totems with curved surface
(Profillänge 6 m)

PP 25033

Klemmprofil, gewölbt

Flat Profile; for totems with plane surface
(Profillänge 6 m)

PRL 1262

Klemmprofil, gerade

(profile length 6 m)

PO 28100

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