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Lightbox Profile "Klick"

Klick is a removable-front-cover lightbox profile system for illuminated lightboxes, without visible bolt screws and with an easily accessible inside and print.
We offer single-sided profiles of 74 mm and double-sided profiles of 156 mm width. All profiles are equipped with the same elliptical cover, snapped in the front on the base profile.
The lightboxes are put together with screws and corners, so no welding is required. All profiles allow the usage of an acrylic front of 4 mm thickness. The illumination can be done with the help of LEDs from the edge or, in case of single sided lightboxes, also be realized via the back wall.
The length of the profiles is 5 meters.


Leuchtkastenprofil doppelseitig
Leuchtkasten Gehrung
Leuchtkastenprofil mit Eckverbinder
Leuchtkastenprofil mit Stahleckverbinder
Leuchtkastenprofil mit Rondo

Klick 74

Leuchkastenprofil KLICK 135

The lightbox profile Klick 74 is a one-sided lightbox available in raw and anodized.
Thanks to its depth, homogeneous illumination from the frame or rear wall is easy to achieve.

Leuchtkastenprofil KLICK 74

Klick 160

doppelseitiges Leuchtkastenprofil KLICK 156

Click 156 is a double-sided profile designed for the construction of boom lightboxes and is available in 5 m length in raw and anodized.

Querschnitt Leuchtkastenprofil KLICK 156

Here you can find an assembly instructions and a manual for opening and closing the light boxes.

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