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Strylight is a practical and economical solution for any kind of illumination of signboards, billboards or advertising frames which require being lit.
The aluminium extrusion profiles of a standard height of 5m can easily be joined, and thanks to it you can illuminate adverts of any length.
The system is easy to assemble and effective in action. Owing to adjustable brackets, it’s possible to change the distance between the lighting bar and the wall, and to set the height of the area being lit. The Strylight elliptical profile provides plenty of room to install two fluorescent lights in a line and the necessary electrical equipment. A light-diffusing prismatic Plexiglas provides good illumination of advertising areas of 500 - 3000 mm in height.


Querschnitt Lichtfluterprofil Abstand des Fluterprofil von Werbetafel

Distance of the Strylight panel to the billboard depending on the height of the surface to be illuminated.

Item numbers


ST0 100

Strylight main body, Alu raw, 5 m length.

Haltewinkel für Lichtfluterprofil

ST0 103

"L" Mounting bracket - 80x80x8 mm; cuts 28 mm

Klemmprofil für Lichtfluterprofil

"H" Mounting bracket; cuts 28 mm

ST0 102

U-Profil für Lichtfluterprofil

"U" Mounting bracket; cuts 25 cm

ST0 104

Deckel für Lichtfluterprofil

Alu cover (L and R)

ST0 106


Prismatic plexi (pcs.); 2500 mm length

ST0 0200

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