Tensioning System PRO

System PRO is a reliable tensioning solution. Its durable construction allows building large format boxes as well as different shapes (i.e. letters, circles).

It consists of four tensioning frame profiles with matching covers, aluminum clips and two types of mandrel (depending on the thickness of the vinyl fabric).

Using 3 kinds of retrofit profiles the depth of the lightbox can vary freely. The main body "ecoled" has a depth of 135 mm.

Frame “bleed“ in combination with side profile 110 and two supports, gives the possibility to construct a lightbox without welding and with a detached front face (or with upwards opening, when using standard hinges).

As well there is the possibility to convert light boxes with acrylic plate to boxes with flexible face.



Frame “bleed“ with cover, clip (blue) and mandrel (yellow).

bleed led

Querschnitt Spannrahmen bleed led

Frame „bleed led“ for an optimum illumination from the back.


Frame “classic“ with cover, clip (blue) and mandrel (yellow).


Frame “ecoled“; for boxes up to 250 cm height.

Construction advices

In the videos of the preparation of the fabric and the tensioning process itself you can find hints and tips for the construction of a lightbox.

Schraubkonstruktion mit Spannrahmen bleed

Side profile 110 mm in combination with “bleed“, frame support (blue) and bleed-support (green) for constructions without welding; total depth 165 mm.

Bleed-support (green) and vertical brace optionally in welding constructions.

Seitenprofil mit Spannrahmen classic

Side profile 110 mm in combination with frame and cover “classic“; total depth 155 mm

Schraubkonstruktion Spannrahmen ecoled

Frame “ecoled“ with frame support (blue); total depth 135 mm;

Especially suitable for edge lighting and screw constructions up to 250 cm height.

Because of the traction caused by the wind and the tensioning of the fabric itself it is required to build a support frame.

The fabric is tensioned with the help of the clips and the mandrels in the frame.
You should begin with hanging in the fabric in the top of the box, afterwards the sides are tensioned. When the fabric is without any wrinkles the bottom edge is tensioned.

Here you can find hints to figure out the right dimension for the fabric and the visible areas.

The fitting vinyl fabrics in backlit and frontlit variants (up to 5 m width and 50 m length) can be also be obtained from us.

Item numbers

Frame “bleed“ (5 m length)

SF 0260

Frame „bleed led“ (5 m length)

SF 0160

Spannrahmen bleed led

Frame “ecoled“ (5 m length)

SF 0560

Frame “classic“ (5 m length)

SF 0460

Cover “bleed“, “ecoled“ and “eco-bleed“ (5 m length)

SF C 0060

Cover “classic“ (5 m length)

SF C 0260

Clip (5 m length)

SCM 0269

Mandrel (5 m length) for fabric up to 500 g/m2

for fabric over 500 g/m2

SCM 0271

SCM 0270

Clip and mandrel for fabric up to 500 g/m2
(cuts 4 cm)
for fabric over 500 g/m2

SCM 0200N

SCM 0200A

Support profile (cuts 2,5 cm width)

SFW 0201

Frame support (cuts 4 cm width)

SFW 0301

Side profile 11 cm (5 m length)

SS 0110

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